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Computer Networking


Most businesses of today have a need for the use of internet resources, hence, networking of computer systems in various capacity with the use of different infrastructures is our business. We implement Local Area Networking (LAN) within premises, Virtual Private Network (VPN) which help to interconnect office branches that are in a different location, Hotspot that is the wireless connectivity suitable for covering designated areas such as Hotels, campus premises, library, Schools, farm settlement etc. We install Fiber optic and also provide internet solutions. We install VSAT technology for internet purposes. We are partners with most internet service providers to help the customer choose the best internet service for their uses. In addition, we set up of CBT Centre that meets JAMB Standard.


Professional networking solutions is a vital key to business sustainability. Local Area Networking services suitable and pocket friendly to your organization is our business. We interconnect your on-site computer systems together through the use of a well-structured cable, switches and connector in such a way that your computer systems can share resources between themself over a star topology. All facilities such as your printers and internet are shared seamlessly for your office operation. Call us today for your Local Area Networking in your Office, Hotel, Schools, Hospital, Café, Banking, JAMB CBT Centre and Institutions.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is a remote over a public network solution. A virtual private network helps to extend your private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data across your shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network. Your branch offices can be networked with your head office without a geographical restriction.

Hotspot Network

A hotspot is a wireless transmission that helps people to access the internet. The service is provided using radio link over a geographical location of coverage. The service can be billed or free depending on the objective of setting it up. Unlike LAN that is limited to a small single location, this WAN technology can achieve a milestone of connecting systems together and share resources available over a large site such as quarry, big hospital, Religious Camp and Higher Institution Campuses / Colleges, Community of interest, government projects. It could also be deployed in a physical location where people may obtain Internet access using Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) technology using a router that is connected to an Internet service provider.

CBT Centre

The Computer Based Test (CBT) centre which has now been adopted by various institutions in Nigeria will require standard network set up. The idea that has made paperless online examination seamless and effective. We professionally design your network, Implement and Execute the project to avoid failure during the anytime of use. We equally offer CBT advisory service. If you need the service we are available. Contact us today.

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