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Why do you need IT Support Services?

Most managers need to know that IT Support services is an essential service to their day to day running of their business. In today's economic, hardly would there exist any business that is not depending on technology. That computer and printer in your office does a lot of sensitive services. Some even think why do they need to maintain computer system? Note that, as manufacturer experience breakdown with their machines, so also computer does. Any computer has two parts namely hardware and software. As much as you are using your computer, wearing and tearing of these parts occurs and this always leads to the low performance of this computers gradually until they finally breakdown. When you take good care of your computer, it can serve you for as long as you will need another higher configuration. Don't wait for your system to breakdown before calling for engineers to come for maintenance. There should be periodical check on your computers for update of software (operating System, Antivirus, disk defragmentation, and general hardware cleaning just to mention few. Another error that occur in work place is by engaging non IT personnel to tamper with their computer system with a mind set of cutting cost. Are they really saving or reducing cost? Hum, but on the long run, the system breaks down beyond limit thereby needing more money to repair or replace.

Tiwanet Technologies Ltd works in partnership with our clients by advising them on how to use the best technology affordable to drive their process in order to meet with their business objectives and overcome various challenges that up surge in their business. Our service is to help the client improve the structure and efficiency of IT peripheral in their various company. As an IT Solution Provider, we focus on the best solution that solves your particular problem.

Tiwanet Technologies Ltd supplies computer and support. We suggest best configuration for our client depending on what they need the computer for. There are computers for entertainment while other for business. Best system specification are selected that can cope with their business requirements. Necessary software are install in order to keep the computer up and running on a daily bases. Always contact your IT consultant to help you source best system that can support your business so that you do not end up buying refurbished computer for the price of new.

Antivirus Solution

Most office uses free antivirus to maintain their computer system. On known to them that what destroys a computer is not only virus. There are lots of software out there that corrupt and compromise the effectiveness of your computer system. Spyware is an example. Also, it is not enough to just install antivirus software, it is important to configure it to suit your system and network type. There exist different types of antivirus. Some are for stand alone system which might not really support your enterprise network. We can offer you advice on the best antivirus for your computer and network. You reduce cost on procurement of new computer and increase your working efficiency.

Computer Supply and Repair

We supply any brand and configuration of a computer system. Both Laptop and desktop computer of standard configuration. These also include business machines and servers for your best performance. We install license software such as operating system, Microsoft office and any software as may be required by you. We support and do maintenance for optimum performance. You can call us for any supply of computer or services of your existing computer. With our well-experienced system engineer, we offer you quality maintenance of your computers. We help check the hard disk's health status and carryout disk defragmentation, Software updates, in order to restore your system to a perfect state of health.

Network Maintenance

It is important that your network is up and running.  Maintaining your system network is an important task because there are many factors that can go wrong with your network periodically. Regular maintenance will help keep the network challenges away while helping to maintain your networks to attain optimal performance. We troubleshoot your network to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

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