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Yes! Your School can open Now with School ERP

School ERP works for 


&Tertiary institutions

I am Engr. Mary

A seasoned ICT professional with over 20 years in Business Solutions and Technical Services. With a bachelor's degree in Engineering and an MBA, she is able to interpret businesses and provide matching solutions.
She is vast in technical support which makes her clients enjoy tremendous after-sales services, she is customer-centric and believes the customer is everything.


It has come to be part of us and we had no choice than to face reality. We are now in a faceless economy which now has a great impact on our school. In addition, the administration or management of the school is another vital challenge. In view of this, I am recommending SCHOOL ERP SOLUTION for use in your school.


The feature of this solution takes you through all school administration process with all simplicity. It help handles Admission of the student, take daily attendants for both students and teachers, uploads Notes, Set question papers, Lecture with video, keeps student profile, handles examinations, keeps the accounting process simple, manage disciplinary measure and decisions by the jury, helps student diary and manage online fee payment. 

Our School ERP Solution works in any school from primary to University.





  • Unique ID for all students

  • Welcome message to Parents (Call/SMS)

  • Comprehensive admission form

  • Guardian addition facility

  • Emergency contact facility available

  • Previous education details can be recorded

  • Customizable as per school standards

  • Photo upload facility

  • Provide Biometric ID of the students

  • Manage student records. Attach any type of document and data related to the student.


  • Easy marking of attendance

  • Note/Remarks for attendance can be given

  • Attendance Reports

  • Instant SMS to Parents

  • Integrate with hardware devices.  (Custom)​

  • Parent Login System

  • Separate login credentials for each parent

  • Multi-Child for single parent

  • The parent can monitor child details

  • The parent can track Exam details

  • The parent can view noticeboard

  • Parents can communicate with Teachers or Admins

  • Parents can pay fees online

  • Parents can view the payment details.

examination and question papers

Question Papers

  • Teachers can upload Model question papers

  • pdf, doc formats accepted

  • Students can download them through the mobile app


  • Create different types of exams based on grades, marks

  • Extensive report center

  • Send Detailed marks to parents through SMS

  • Generate the report for required exams

  • Automated, quick and on-demand report generation

  • Statistical and chart reports, a better analytical view

  • Tabulation Sheet

  • Exam wise report,

  • Subject-wise report,

  • The consolidated report,

  • The combined report, and

  • Reports based on student rankings per class, batch, subject, and attendance

talk to us today

YES! your school can re-open now even in this lockdown. Yes! with our school ERP Software: 

  • New term/ semester can be requested

  • Payment Portal

  • Lectures/Assignment/ Exam Module

  • Parent/teacher/ Admin Communication platform

And many more...


We are fully ready to offer you a free DEMO.


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