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Software Solutions

Application Software Solution:

With the global trend of business development, the software helps you to handle your daily task without stress. Our custom-built software proved and tested. We have deployed this software for both SME, Medium, and Large Enterprise.  The amazing benefit is that the implementation is as simple as ABC. Several bottlenecks that create difficulty are taken care of. Installation is completed in days. Our numerous customers can testify to this experience. Our developers are efficient and capable of customizing software tailored towards your need or requirement.

Software and their features

Basic Accounting Software for all sizes of business.

This Accounting software is convenient and secure for use in your business transactions

  • Simplifies invoicing and accounting

  • Takes the stress off the business admin and increase overall productivity

  • Offers unlimited transactions

  • Easy and Faster Inventory Management

  • Allows you to run your business from anywhere, anytime

  • Customer relationship management

  • You can easily collaborate with your accountant

Point of Sales Software designed for managing your retail outlets.

  • Purchase History

  • Financial Analysis

  • Inventory Management

  • Transaction Summary Via Email/SMS alert system

  • Reorder level alert

  • Income/Expenses Analysis

  • Customer relationship

  • Stock Analysis

  • Profit & Loss report

  • Damage Tracker

  • Vendors Ledger

  • Accounts Dashboard

  • Customer Ledger

  • Deliver key metrics and financial reporting straight from the cloud to your tablet, browser or mobile device

  • A quick and flexible method of calculating Income Statement

  • View departmental tabs that combine billing, collections, sales, and related expenses on a single page

  • Control the numbers of emails by using "Chatter" for accounting and reports


Human Resources & Payroll Software

The HR & Payroll Software helps you to prepare and process: 

  • Payroll

  • Generate payslips and annual reports,

  • Payment of management and expenses,

  • Tracks time and activity.

  • Plans your employee budget, company segmentation, and manage time and activities

  • Monitor employee attendance and manage their sick and annual leave, and

  • Plan for staff emergencies.

  • Manage work hours, shifts and cycles, as well as bonus allocation and leave entitlement.


Inventory Management Software

  • Item tracker

  • Equipment movement tracker

  • Inventory Management

  • Procurement Control

  • Reorder level alert

  • Asset Security

  • Inventory Record Update

  • Stock Analysis

  • Calibration Schedule and Management

  • Damage Tracker

  • General Ledger

  • Inventory Transfer Manager

  • Barcode Scanner Enable

  • Barcode/Label Generator

  • Cloud-Based

  • User-Friendly and Interactive Interface


Church Management Software

  • Purchase History

  • Church Inventory management system

  • Administrative cleverness

  • Staff Payroll management

  • Secure Database

  • Income/Expenses Analysis

  • Member Relationship

  • Financial accounting system

  • Sales report

  • Damage Tracker

  • Church Welfare Donation report

  • Electronic receipt printing for all transactions

  • Credit card POS interface: for tithing, and donations.

  • Ease of access to membership information

  • Profit & Loss report


Hospital Management Software

  • Registration of new patient (Medical Record)

  • Nurse/Doctor-on shift

  • Patient Check-In / Check Out

  • Pharmacy

  • For In-Patient (IPD)

  • Laboratory/Pathology Automation

  • Inventory System

  • Patient Record Management

  • Staff Record Management

  • Visitors Management

  • Accurate and secured billing System

  • Financial account report

  • Daily Transaction Report SMS alert sender

  • Employees Collaboration System

  • Duty Roster Management

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