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Training Courses for Your Staff Development

Capacity Development Courses

Tiwanet Training Institute is the Capacity Development and Training arm of Tiwanet Technologies Ltd. We develop and organizes training to employees of organisations and the general public on capacity development to meet corporate objectives and goals. These training are targeted towards:

  • Increasing Employees Skillset

  • Reducing Supervision and Dependencies

  • Increasing Productivity of staff

  • Skill transfer

  • Ultimately Enhancing Company’s Image and brand


We also engage in Training Consultancy and Development Advisory services, Skill Development Knowledge projects and workplace safety intervention projects.

Our Skill Development Projects encompasses:

  • Skillset Development Courses

  • Customer Management & Retention Courses

  • Sales & Lead Conversion Strategy Courses​

Management Application Software Courses

We also provide training and aftersales support for our software deployment team (Tiwanet Technologies Ltd sells and deploy Application software solution such as Warehouse Inventory software, Point of Sales Software, School ERP and Hospital Management software)


Our core value is centred on Achieving Organizational Goals and Attaining Organizational Success. This is made possible by constant Development of employees by continuous Learning, Knowledge acquisition through incessant Training.


It is our hope that we will be able to serve you in any of this capacity and be sure to enjoy our super support and aftersales services.

Workplace Safety Courses

Workplace Safety Project includes courses such as:

  • Standard Safety Procedures

  • Fire Control during Emergency

  • Cybersecurity

  • Information Security

Application Software Courses

Tiwanet Technologies Ltd offers training on Application Software courses:

Microsoft Office:

  • Microsoft Word 

  • MicrosoftExcel 

  • MicrosoftPowerpoint 

  • MicrosoftAccess

Graphic Designs:

  • Corel Draw

  • Photoshop 

  • Canva

Operating system and Computer Utilization

  • Microsoft Operating System

  • Disk Operating System

Website Designs: 

Content Management Software

  • Wix

  • Joomla

  • Word Press

Computer Repairs & Networking Courses

Tiwanet Technologies Ltd offers training on Computer Repairs and Networking


  • Computer Assembling and Cloning

  • Installation of Operating system

  • Installation of Application Software

  • Computer Maintenance and Repairs 


  • Types of networking

  • Network topology

  • Networking tools

  • Switches and routers

  • Installation and configuration of routers

  • Network security

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