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Why Choosing Tiwanet Technologies?

Company Overview

The awareness about the dynamic nature of information, communication, and technologies (ICT) industry cannot be underestimated. The growth is increasing geometrically. This growth has giving rise to the simplest solution. The provision of these solutions in order to ease the way business is done by using technologies is what we stand for. Our goal is to provide technological solutions with the simplicity that is customers friendly. Tiwanet Technologies Ltd is licensed by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) for the sale installation of telecommunication equipment.

Vision/ Mission


To be a technology solutions provider that solve today’s business challenges.


To provide business solution with affordable best technologies that enhances customer’s business growth.

Culture and Value:

In our organization, we are driven with our culture which depicts the acceptable way we do business and relate with our customers. In everyday business, various challenges come up which are always devastating, leading to lose of revenue and closure of business. We form the culture of providing solution that safe guard business frustration and help ease the way businesses are done. So, at Tiwanet, We Create solution, We Innovate Solution, We Develop Solution and We Implement the solution carefully.


We study and research the challenges your business is facing. Identify the root cause and create perfect solution that can take away the pain or difficulty that is slowing down your business operation.


Having study your existing technology, we would come up with solution that can make it work thereby reducing cost.


We would develop good and easy to use technological solution that can help your business achieve its purpose.


We professionally implement our solutions, putting all necessary standard into consideration in order to achieve the desired results.

Values Proposition:

Our customer is everything to us. Their satisfaction is our priority. We ensure that best and affordable technology is proposed to them at a competitive price with 24/7 customer service support. Hence, the customer can work with ease at the workplace to achieve the best result.

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